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Vaesen Nordic Horror RPG
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Vaesen RPG
Vaesen Nordic Horror Roleplaying Core Rulebook
In dark forests, beyond the mountains, by black lakes in hidden groves. At your doorstep. In the shadows, something stirs. Strange beings. Twisted creatures, lurking at the edge of vision. Watching. Waiting. Unseen by most, but not by you. You see them for what they really are. Vaesen. Welcome to ...... More
Released 15 September 2020
Vaesen RPG GM Screen and Map
Vaesen Nordic Horror Roleplaying Accessory
A top quality, deluxe Gamemaster's Screen in landscape format for the Vaesen RPG. It features Johan Egerkransís awesome art on the outside and a host of useful tables and important information on the inside while keeping the GMís plans hidden from the eyes of inquisitive players. The pack also i...... More
Released 15 September 2020
A Wicked Secret and Other Mysteries: Vaesen RPG
Vaesen Nordic Horror RPG Adventures
Vaesen: Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries is a supplemental product that adds four new cases to the core RPG. The Silver of the Sea case revolves around the death of a preacher which leads characters to investigate Wrecker Isle. A Wicked Secret, sends character into the deep forests of northern Swe...... More
Released 13 October 2020

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