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Shadowrun Dark Terrors
Shadowrun RPG Plot Sourcebook
Piercing the Night You heard the scream. It’s important to remember that. Sometimes, when it’s late, and you hear something that sounds like a scream echoing through dark all...... More
Released 17 April 2018
Modern War 35: Mike Force
Modern Warfare Wargames Magazine
Mike Force is a solitaire wargame covering US Special Forces Operations in South Vietnam’s I Corps and adjoining areas of Laos during the Vietnam War. In Mike Force, you pla...... More
Released 17 April 2018
FRG: MBT Expansion
MBT Expansion: The West German Bundeswehr
Poised in defense of the Fatherland from the looming Soviet invasion, the West German Army’s panzer and panzergrenadier divisions are not just ghosts of their World War II nam...... More
Released 17 April 2018
BAOR: MBT Expansion
MBT Expansion: The British Army of the Rhine
The British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) was formed at the conclusion of World War II from various units of the British 21st Army Group. Positioned on the North German Plain, it i...... More
Released 17 April 2018
At Any Cost: Metz 1870
Brigade-Level Game on the Key Campaign of the Franco-Prussian War
At Any Cost: Metz 1870 is a game simulating the situation west of the Metz fortress during those few days of August 1870. The game is designed to be a playable, two-player bri...... More
Released 17 April 2018
The Social Deduction Collection Game
You are a key player in the lucrative but dangerous business of collecting werebeasts. Armed with only your good looks and several cans of indescribably tasty werechow, you mu...... More
Released 17 April 2018
Dice Forge
RESTOCK: Game of Dice Crafting and Divine Quests
Greetings, mortal! You have ascended into the divine realms, and here, among the celestial islands, your mettle shall be tested with the utmost rigor. Only the mightiest heroe...... More
Released 17 April 2018
Zombie Tsunami
Lead a Group of Zombies and Compete to be the Largest Horde!
?Zombie Tsunami is a party game for 3 to 6 players that plays in under 30 minutes. In the game, every player leads a horde of zombies storming the city. The winner is the one...... More
Released 17 April 2018
Black Souls
A Boardgame about Making a Video Game!
Become a Level Designer & design the toughest dungeon crawler - But you must lead a party through that very same level and survive it! Designer Inc's latest video game title...... More
Released 17 April 2018
Highly Strategic Worker Placement Resource Management Boardgame
Agra, India. The year is 1572; this year marks the 30th birthday of Akbar the Great, third ruler of India’s Mughal dynasty. Using his strong personality and skill as a general...... More
Released 17 April 2018
Among Thieves
RESTOCK: Small Fast Paced Card Game from New Bulgarian Designer
Among Thieves is a fast-paced card game of thievery, cunning and dishonourable deeds, designed for 3-5 players and appropriate for practically all ages. It is along the lines ...... More
Released 13 April 2018
EXIT - Abandoned Cabin
RESTOCK: Co-operative Escape Room Game: Kennerspiel des Jahre 2017 Winner
After your car breaks down, you are looking for shelter for the night. Luckily, you find an abandoned cabin in the woods near the road. But the next morning, the door is locke...... More
Released 13 April 2018
Miniature Wargames 421
The Magazine for all Wargamers
Play any period you like, from the earliest Biblical era, through the Spartan heroes of “300” at Thermopylae, the vast legions of Ancient Rome, the hordes of Genghis Khan, the...... More
Released 12 April 2018
The Faith Militant Chapter Pack: AGOT LCG 2nd Ed
Fifth Chapter Pack in the Flight of Crows Cycle Game of Thrones LCG
“The Faith Militant reborn… that would be the answer to three hundred years of prayer, Your Grace. The Warrior would lift his shining sword again and cleanse this sinful realm...... More
Released 12 April 2018
Petersens Abominations: Call of Cthulhu RPG 7th Edition
Call of Cthulhu RPG Five Epic Tales of Modern Terror
A collection of five nightmarish modern-day scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. Gathered from across the aeons, this anthology of horror brings together for t...... More
Released 10 April 2018
The Dungeon Alphabet: Fourth Printing, Foil Cover
System Neutral Fantasy RPG Sourcebook
The Dungeon Alphabet compiles inspirational tables on classic dungeon design elements to assist the game master in creating subterranean challenges. The 4th printing is expand...... More
Released 10 April 2018
Our Friends the Machines and Other Mysteries: Tales from the Loop RPG
Tales from the Loop RPG Campaign
The first campaign book for the award winning Tales from the Loop RPG, which scooped no less than five ENnies including Best Game, Best Setting, Best Writing, Best Internal Ar...... More
Released 10 April 2018
Quantronic Heat: Infinity RPG
Infinity RPG Campaign
A cyber threat in the Human Sphere Amid the glittering, skyscraper-studded city block arcologies of Neoterra the backbiting industrial espionage of the hypercorps has finall...... More
Released 10 April 2018
The Art of Symbaroum
Symbaroum RPG Art Book
The Art of Symbaroum is a cloth-dressed hardcover book printed on thick, premium quality paper to make the illustrations of Martin Grip justice. Aside from the artwork, the bo...... More
Released 10 April 2018
These are the Voyages Vol 1: Star Trek Adventures RPG
Star Trek Adventures RPG Adventure
Space, the Final Frontier These are the Voyages: Volume 1 presents eight ready-to-play missions for Star Trek Adventures. Within this 164 page hardback book, Gamemasters will...... More
Released 10 April 2018

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